Okay so haven’t written a blog post in a while, have actually been busy doing work. But now just need to vent a little because I can feel myself going a little mad!!! 

One of my colleagues likes to chew gum, all day long.. with he mouth open! She sounds like a cow chewing grass and it really bugs me! But I can’t bring myself to tell her, just don’t really know how to mention it in a nice way without offending her.

I don’t know whether it’s me who has the problem or whether she is just chewing unexceptionally loud.. I know little things bother me more than they probably do with other people – for instance there was a man on the train the other day who was breathing really loudly the other day which irritated me. It also annoys me when people eat crisps to loudly, I wish these little things didn’t irritate me so much but unfortunately they do, once i’ve noticed them I just can’t ignore them.

Feel pretty rough today, i’ve somehow managed to catch another cold in the same month as my last one – just want to get back into bed and sleep. Had a really long meeting this morning and really struggled to maintain my concentration.

Can’t wait until the end of the day now, x