Me on a Rock.

Long time no write 😛 It’s Wednesday already! Feels like this week has gone really quickly, soon enough it will be the weekend 🙂
Started contacting my clients this week, it’s been okay really – had a few clients leave and a few have been a bit nasty because they’ve received very little contact recently. Overall my clients have been fine so far though, a few of my colleague’s though have been quite nasty. Makes me think that I would hate to work on a help desk or where a job was mostly contact with customers, there are so many grumpy people in this world!

The weather has been pretty gloomy recently, quite dim and misty. I don’t mind it being misty at night because everything is shiny when light hits it but during the day it just looks miserable outside. I think I prefer working though when the weather is rubbish outside, makes me feel fortunate that i’m not outside 😛 Definitely jumper and hot chocolate weather now though, can’t believe that it’s nearly November already! Ever since I started work a couple of months ago time has gone by really quickly!

Anyway, back to work x