Today’s going alright so far, got a later train into work today and still managed to get into work on time so think I will start getting the later one to Wolverhampton because I don’t need to rush to the station and the train is less busy. The office is pretty quiet today, a couple of people aren’t in and i’m just keeping to myself and listening to things on Lovefilm 🙂

Had a really strange dream last night that felt really real, I dreamt that I was driving a couple of my friends somewhere but because I haven’t had any driving lessons I was really bad and caused lots of crashes. I dreamt that loads of people died because of my bad driving and I was gonna be sent to prison! It was a really horrible dream because it felt so real and I couldn’t wake up. I’ve had dreams like that before where I’ve dreamt that I was driving a car really dangerously because I don’t even know how to drive… Maybe I should learn? To be fair, if I really needed to drive I would get some lessons but it’s so expensive and the train works out cheaper anyway x