Time to be Lazy!

Awwh at this photo, lazy snail!
Can’t wait to go home, this afternoon feels like it has gone particularly slowly and i’ve been looking at the clock every 5 minutes hoping for it to be home time. I even skipped going down to the cafe for lunch today because I want to go home a bit earlier and hopefully beat the rush hour – but I doubt that. It will still be really busy in town and especially in the Bull ring because people have already finished school and work.. Looking forward to going to Selfridges to buy some Cath Kidston things – Well, i’m only planning on buying some PJ’s but it’s more than likely that something else will catch my eye 🙂 Tonight should be pretty good though, going out – haven’t really been out properly in ages! Will probably need to top up on some caffeine though otherwise i’ll get sleepy pretty quick.

On a final note, hoping that when I get home my gold fish shizzle is a bit more lively. Every time I come home from work she seems to be sleeping at the bottom of the tank and I keep worrying that she’s dead or is gonna die soon, urghh.. I don’t want another fish to die, my other one died about a month ago.

Anyways, it’s time to go now! 😀 Happy Weekend! x