Happy Tortoise

Awwh this tortoise looks so happy, bless. It reminds me of Teya’s tortoise, they’re really cute animals and they move surprisingly fast. Teya’s tortoise liked to hide with the wires behind her chest of drawers. Hmm reminds me, I really would like a pet. I did plan to get a kitten this year but the place where i’m living at the moment is a bit too small, hopefully next year i’ll be living somewhere a bit bigger and maybe near a park so that I can get a little kitten.

It’s nearly lunch time but i’m going to try and put off my lunch break as long as possible because I find that the afternoon always goes a lot slower than the morning. Also i’m considering deleting my ebay account, i’ve already spent a fair amount of money on the website – but to be fair I am working now so i’m allowed to spend money 🙂