Miss You


Wow, a lot has changed this year!

Good things have happened.

Bad things have happened.

Happy things have happened.

Sad things have happened.

New friends made.

Old friends lost.

New things learnt.

Old things forgotten…

Looking forward to Christmas and the New Year!
Friends, Family & Food 🙂


Happy 2013!

Haven’t wrote on here in ages! Haven’t really had the time, work has been super busy recently… Lame :p

Made fairy cakes today 🙂 and having a nice lazy day with James xx

Okay so haven’t written a blog post in a while, have actually been busy doing work. But now just need to vent a little because I can feel myself going a little mad!!! 

One of my colleagues likes to chew gum, all day long.. with he mouth open! She sounds like a cow chewing grass and it really bugs me! But I can’t bring myself to tell her, just don’t really know how to mention it in a nice way without offending her.

I don’t know whether it’s me who has the problem or whether she is just chewing unexceptionally loud.. I know little things bother me more than they probably do with other people – for instance there was a man on the train the other day who was breathing really loudly the other day which irritated me. It also annoys me when people eat crisps to loudly, I wish these little things didn’t irritate me so much but unfortunately they do, once i’ve noticed them I just can’t ignore them.

Feel pretty rough today, i’ve somehow managed to catch another cold in the same month as my last one – just want to get back into bed and sleep. Had a really long meeting this morning and really struggled to maintain my concentration.

Can’t wait until the end of the day now, x

I think that this week has gone by really quickly – which is awesome! But, I reckon this weekend will go equally as quickly.. need to slow it down somehow 😛 

The train smelt really horrible today, it was really packed and I had to stand up and it smelt like someone had let a stink bomb off on the train.. nasty. Might have to start getting the earlier train again because the later train I get is often delayed and gets me into work 5 minutes late. 

The office is pretty empty now, so many people have left work or are off sick.. we need more people. x

Yay, nearly the weekend but the last part of the day is going really slowly! It’s pitch black outside already too… *yawn* I need some coffee! x

I have to make these..




Mmm was taking a browse on Pinterest and came across these, peanut butter conflake thingies.. (they don’t actually have a name) Anyway, being a big fan of peanut butter and chocolate I plan to make these, and they don’t require an oven which is a bonus 😀


Me on a Rock.

Long time no write 😛 It’s Wednesday already! Feels like this week has gone really quickly, soon enough it will be the weekend 🙂
Started contacting my clients this week, it’s been okay really – had a few clients leave and a few have been a bit nasty because they’ve received very little contact recently. Overall my clients have been fine so far though, a few of my colleague’s though have been quite nasty. Makes me think that I would hate to work on a help desk or where a job was mostly contact with customers, there are so many grumpy people in this world!

The weather has been pretty gloomy recently, quite dim and misty. I don’t mind it being misty at night because everything is shiny when light hits it but during the day it just looks miserable outside. I think I prefer working though when the weather is rubbish outside, makes me feel fortunate that i’m not outside 😛 Definitely jumper and hot chocolate weather now though, can’t believe that it’s nearly November already! Ever since I started work a couple of months ago time has gone by really quickly!

Anyway, back to work x

Feeling pretty bored, haven’t done anything today – normally a lazy day is good but I feel like I haven’t done anything productive today and seems like a wasted day. Pfft and before I know it, it will be Monday and back to work! X


Having quite a lazy Saturday, nothing much planned. Went to the shops earlier to get some food and some organiser stuff for work. Turns out that I’ve got about 36 clients to keep track of at work so I thought a folder might be a good idea. Next week is gonna be fun, I need to call up each of them and introduce myself, I hate talking on the phone.. Guess by the end of next week ill be used to it though :p x